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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Although violence is very apparent throughout Romeo and Juliet, violence is shown in also a subtle and unspoken way. In act1 scene5, lines , the ballroom scene. Capulet is angry at Tybalt for wanting to fight with Romeo.

Themes Of ' Romeo And Juliet '

Romeo And Juliet Essay Topics That Will Help You Ace That Essay

It is, however, not wrong to say that the play has outlived the playwright; Williams Shakespeare. This classic is now part of some school curriculums and is a must-read; an effect to this, students have been tasked with writing essays, thesis, and articles on Romeo and Juliet. We have, however, taken out time to compile a list of gripping Romeo and Juliet essay topics that will help you ace that essay. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and a method teachers use to make students more expressive is by giving them essays to write. There are numerous argumentative essay topics for Romeo and Juliet , and they can be analyzed from different perspectives.

The Theme of Deceit and Its Unveiling in Romeo and Juliet

The two contradicting key themes that are universal and significant to both the original play Romeo and Juliet composed by William Shakespeare and the modern execution in style of a movie directed by Baz Luhrmann are the themes of love and hate. These two themes can be drawn into relation with the characters of Romeo and Tybalt who effectively represent these themes through various language, film and dramatic techniques implemented by both composers. Whilst both Shakespeare and Luhrmann illustrate an undesirable portrayal of love in this particular scene, through the use of symbols, light imagery and hyperbolic language, both composers show a positive perception of the love between Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is regarded as character with an abrupt attitude towards love. Whilst Luhrmann does have soft romantic music throughout the scene, he chooses to mute the music slightly so that the strong intimate words between Romeo and Juliet pronouncing their love for each other is dominant over the music and therefore compliments the intimate camera close ups of the two young lovers.
Even though Lord Capulet could be responsible for the death of the lovers, Friar Laurence is predominantly the one to blame due to his lack of judgment throughout the play. Friar Laurence already knew that tensions were high between the Montagues and Capulets, and by doing this he endangered the well-being of both Romeo and Juliet if anyone ever found out. Also he agreed to marry Romeo to Juliet when he knew it would cause an uproar of problems. Capulet was a fault, because he makes Juliet feel worthless and alone by the way he treats her, and he put blame on timing and not himself.

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