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Added: 11.05.2021
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Although the ad lacked enough material for it to be eye catching, the ad itself was not confusing. It presented its product, messages, and color in a precise fashion. Coca Cola purposely chose black, red and gray to appeal to both men and women. The fact that the ad is aiming to include everybody is a solid point.

rhetorical analysis on commercial

Rhetorical Analysis of an Advertisement Essay - Words | Bartleby

Nevertheless I found these terms interesting and now I think I am a bit more prepared to analyze rhetorical situations and comment on them. So this is my first rhetorical analysis, and since it is a rough draft I will only headline the main points of my rhetorical analysis essay about a Gatorade tv commercial…. No matter how many times people emphasize on the weirdness or contrasting a tv commercial they just saw, the rhetorical situation portrayed in these commercial probably already worked on them, at least subconsciously. After all, most of the times we found these distinctive commercials to be the rhetorical creations of leading companies in their industries to pull even more consumers or clients to their market share. And the way they often do this is with old rhetorical strategies dated back to Aristotle. This companies do this to to persuade their audiences to accept the idea they are trying to conceive on you.

Rhetorical Analysis of the ASPCA Commercial

We have become so desensitized to what has happened over the years, that now we have programs like Family Guy on during primetime, that makes use of a pedophile neighbor as a regular on the program: Who has dreams about victimizing the son of the main character, and people laugh about it. So to those who think television does not influence teens on sexuality, this should be a wake-up call, because it does. And this is on all stations, not just cable anymore. Kluder goes on to write, the comedy hour is not so funny anymore, what with all of the…. Recently, one of my younger cousin was caught using swear words and when I asked him why he did, he replied that he saw someone using it on television and accepted it as a social norm.
Rhetors use techniques in their advertisements such as fantasies or surrealism to catch the attention of their audience. Companies like Audi pour millions of dollars into their marketing teams to make sure their cars look the best and attract consumers. Commercials that are shown on television today are great examples of rhetorical artifacts because of the many techniques being exercised by the rhetor. Analyzing this through the lens of rhetorical.

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