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Added: 24.04.2021
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Select one: a. SWAT teams. Question 2 Which of the following best describes how expansionary monetary policy affects the aggregate demand curve in the aggregate demand—aggregate supply model? Expansionary monetary policy directly puts money into the loanable funds market. This raises the interest rate, which provides a larger incentive for firms to invest. Investment is a component of aggregate demand, so this shifts aggregate demand to the right.

Discussion on Monetary Policy

Explain the Fiscal and Monetary Policy. | ProHomeworkMarket

The events of the past few years have raised many questions for central bankers. Although prompt and innovative actions by the Federal Reserve and other central banks helped prevent a severe economic downturn from turning into something even worse, our experience also highlighted a number of areas we need to study further to see whether we can improve the conduct of monetary policy. I've titled my presentation "Homework Assignments" because I don't think the answers are clear, though I will venture some tentative thoughts. I have four assignments on my list; I could easily have more. And others would have yet a different list. I recognize that the complexity of these questions could keep us profitably engaged for a whole semester, but let's see if I can outline some of the challenges and possible responses in an evening.

Explain the Fiscal and Monetary Policy.

Monetary policy is the macroeconomic policy set by the reserve bank. It includes management of cash supply and rate of interest and itistheneed side financial policy used by the federal government of a country to accomplish macroeconomic goals such as inflation, liquidity,intake and development. Monetary policy is the actions of a reserve bank, currency board or other regulative committee that figure out the size and rate of development of the cash supply, which in turn impacts rate of interest.
Explain the fundamentals behind why changes in the money supply have real effects on the economy and the monetary transmission mechanism. Explain how monetary policy can be used to effectively stabilize output and smooth business cycles. Evaluate the role of monetary policy and how it affects the macroeconomy given the implications of the financial accelerator. Support your work with at least two scholarly resources in addition to the textbook. You are required to format your paper according to APA style guidelines.

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