Trading Card Games

I'm a big fan of TCGs such as Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. I started playing M:TG as early as 1999 when the first set of Chinese cards (Portal: Three Kingdoms) were released by the Wizards of the Coast. My favorite format is limited (a.k.a. draft/sealed) in M:TG and arena in Hearthstone, where players can show their 'skills' regardless of the completeness of their collection. The word 'skill' is quoted because sometimes you get a big bomb and just run away with it, but that's still better than getting consistently beaten by imba cards/sick non-interactive combos!

My biggest strength and weakness in terms of gameplay is that I value "value" too much. If you know a bit about TCG strategies, you know what I am talking about! I would always love to pilot a UW control deck (MTG) but hate to run a red-burn (MTG) or face-hunter (Hearthstone) deck!

Because MTG is so expensive, I've even created tools for my friends and I to simulate-draft Magic booster packs online, source code of which can be found @ this Github repo. The app is powered by the then-popular Rails/KineticJS. My app had a better looking UI than some of the public available ones! However, it's impossible to dedicate myself to update the app and the project has since (2013) become obsolete.