Yuchen's Blog officially born on Memorial Day 2017!

Blog born

Inspired by my college roommate OneV, I’ve decided to create a personal blog. Welcome to my blogpost! This is my very first post.

I must admit I’ve never been a person willing to share - pretty much anything - from food, to food for thought. But this needs to change - at least for the ‘food for thought’ part. I hope the change is eternal, not ephemeral. We’ll wait and see.

This blog is made possible by Hexo, the dark cactus theme, and Express as the web framework. I’d like to thank Heroku to provide hosting for this blog.

For now I intend to write about three things at the very least:

  • Awesome web technology that enables this site and my personal website. Examples include React, universal rendering, and Express middlewares;

  • Security blogs about security events happening across the globe;

  • My personal travel/hobbies.

Disclamer: I will do my best to verify the facts and correctness of my blogpost, however, I cannot guarantee they are 100% error-proof.